Wednesday 16:00 pm - 17:15 pm Online

livMatS Colloquium | Prof. Song Jin (University of Wisconsin-Madison) | Solar Flow Batteries: Integrated Solar Energy Conversion and Redox Flow Battery Systems

Due to the intermittent nature of sunlight, practical solar energy utilization systems demand both efficient solar energy conversion and inexpensive large scale energy storage. We have developed hybrid solar-charged storage devices called solar flow batteries (SFBs) that integrate solar cells with redox flow batteries (RFBs). In these devices, photoexcited carriers collected at the semiconductor-liquid electrolyte interface convert the redox couples to charge up the RFB without external electric bias; which can be discharged to generate the electricity when needed. After developing and carefully matching silicon solar cells and III-V solar cells with various organic redox couples and optimizing the SFB designs, we have improved the solar-to-output electricity efficiency (SOEE) and the device lifetime of SFB devices. We have recently achieved a record SOEE of 20% with a 500-hour lifetime using high performance tandem perovskite/silicon solar cells. The design principles with a quantitative model for voltage matching solar cells with RFBs we have developed lay the pathways for achieving high performance and stability yet maintaining a low overall cost, which would make these SFB devices practical for distributed and standalone solar energy conversion and storage systems in remote locations.

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