Wednesday 16:00 pm - 17:15 pm Online via Zoom

livMatS Colloquium| Prof. Maximilian Fichtner (Helmholtz Institut Ulm) | New materials for electrochemical storage - from post Li-ion to post Li systems

(Maximilian Fichtner, Helen Maria-Joseph, Mario Ruben, Zhenyou Li, Zhirong Zhao-Karger)
The talk will start with a brief analysis of the potential of remaining fossil oil resources and the consequences thereof. One of the perspectives beyond oil is storage of electricity from intermittent sources such as wind or solar in batteries. However, the expected strong increase in the production of battery capacity within the next 10-20 years makes it indispensable to take a closer look on the available elemental resources. While in the past, a pure performance-, safety-, and cost-oriented development of batteries was in in the focus of research and development, a sustainable materials basis has meanwhile been accepted as an additional target in battery development. In the main part, the challenges of building such batteries will be addressed and recent examples of post-lithium systems will be presented. The talk will conclude with a comparison of alternative options such as hydrogen-driven fuel cell cars and cars with combustion engines, running on synfuels.

Brief Bio
Prof. Dr. Maximilian Fichtner is Chemist and director at the Helmholtz-Institute Ulm for Electrochemical Energy Storage (HIU), he is professor for Solid State Chemistry at the Ulm University and head of the department “Energy Storage Systems” at the Institute for Nanotechnology of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Fichtner is scientific director of CELEST (Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage Ulm-Karlsruhe) and spokesperson of the German Cluster of Excellence “Energy Storage Beyond Lithium” (POLiS). He is also member of the core team of a new European flagship on battery research named “BATTERY2030+” and has been co-ordinator of various collaborative projects on battery- and hydrogen technology. His research interests are raw materials and sustainability issues. new principles for energy storage and the synthesis and investigation of related materials. Fichtner is author and co-author of approx. 400 publications, conference- and book contributions, 20 patents and editor of a book on magnesium batteries.

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