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The Cluster of Excellence livMatS develops completely novel, bioinspired materials systems that adapt autonomously to various environments and harvest clean energy from their surroundings. The intention of these purely technical – yet in a behavioral sense quasi-living – materials systems is to meet the demands of humans with regard to pioneering environmental and energy technologies. The societal relevance of autonomous systems and their sustainability will thus play an important role in their development. The research program of livMatS is characterized by highly interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers from a broad range of fields including engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, psychology, the humanities, and sustainability sciences.

Project Description:
The chair of Micro- and Materials Mechanics (Prof. Chris Eberl) and the Cluster of Excellence Living, Adaptive and Energy-autonomous Materials Systems (livMatS) focus on designing and developing programmable mechanical metamaterials. The finite element analysis, is one of the most important and significant steps which is implemented to study the mechanical properties and behaviour of the unit cells of mechanical metamaterials as basic structure of the materials. FE simulations of single unit cells and their corresponding metamaterials facilitates the parameter study and accelerates the optimization and achieving the desired results.

Expected candidate profile:
We are looking for highly motivated students with a solid background in mechanical engineering, microsystem engineering, material science or a combination of them, which are interested in doing research on simulation of mechanical properties and functionalities of mechanical metamaterials.

Your tasks:
• CAD modelling of 3D and 2D mechanical metamaterial structures
• Finite element simulation of metamaterials under different loading conditions (knowledge in
ANSYS is appreciated)
• Programming for geometry generation and FE simulation the unit cells
(Python or MATLAB)
• Parameter studies for different structures and unit cells

Job details:
• Time frame: 20-40 h/month
• Flexible working hours
• English speaking required
• Start: as soon as possible

Please hand in:
• a short motivation letter (up to 500 words), in which you detail your qualifications regarding the profile as stated above, as well as your reasons why you are interested in this specific project
• a CV in bullet points
• a copy of your transcripts of records

Your documents will not be returned after the application process. For this reason, please submit copies only.

Naeim Ghavidelnia

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg Cluster of Excellence livMatS
Naeim Ghavidelnia
AG Prof. Chris Eberl
Georges-Köhler-Allee 105
D-79110 Freiburg
Kennwort: livMatS

Application Address: (please send one PDF file only)

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