Writer's Studio

The Writer’s Studio is designed to help elevate the science communication skills of our livMats researchers. As such, the Studio offers a suite of services that address varied needs and skill levels.


  • Workshops
    Workshops are designed for practical skill building and are given within a small group format. Each workshop utilizes interactive methods and approaches to test and apply the theories learned. Furthermore, the workshops are thematically designed to address critical needs all across the writing process.
  • Proofreading
    For those in need of help with the finishing touches, proofreading is available upon request. Working at a rate of roughly 1000 words per hour, those who wish to use this service are advised to give an appropriate amount of notice.
  • One-on-one consultation
    One-on-one consultations help address the unique challenges of the individual researcher and the paper at hand. This process allows for a face-to-face conversation to better explain structural, grammatical, or rhetorical principles and how to better employ them.
  • Writing groups
    Structure and accountability is key. Writing groups are an advantageous tool for staying on track and accountable, particularly at the beginning or final phase of the PhD.
  • Pen to paper program
    The pen-to-paper program is a 10-week guided program that breaks down the writing process into three phases: planning, drafting, and editing.

The Writer’s Studio welcomes feedback or ideas for future events.


Laura Mahoney
Writer's Studio Trainer
+49 761 203 95121