Research Area A

Research Area A will develop materials-integrated concepts for energy harvesting, storage, management and distribution. An unprecedented combination of functional principles, materials and fabrication technologies will be applied to address a seamless and non-interfering integration of multiple functionalities into one materials system, with the highest level of functional integration possible. We will harvest from three energy forms:

  1. optical (solar radiation),
  2. thermal (heat sources and fluxes),
  3. mechanical energy (vibration, sound, shock/acceleration).

The realized harvesters will operate in either static or adaptive modes. In line with today’s concept of energy harvesting, the harvested energy will be converted (primarily) into electrical energy. In addition, harvested ambient energy will be directly fed into a materials system, to be used there without intermediate conversion. The energy provided will be used to power the respective functions of a living materials system, including adaptivity and longevity.