Armin Jamali

Armin Jamali

Doctoral Researcher


Faculty of Engineering | Department of Microsystems Engineering
University of Freiburg

Phone: +49 761 203 7508


Demonstrator for soft autonomous machines – soft robotic low energy gripper systems with sensing capabilities based on livMatS Materials
In the livMatS soft-robotic demonstrator project, I focus on the research of designing and prototyping a soft robot that is equipped with sensing modules. It should be able to grab items and crawl on surfaces, while requiring a low amount of energy.
My aim is to produce artificial, controllable suction cups from electroactive polymers, inspired by natural structures such as the cups on an octopus tentacle, and to attach them to the robot’s soft arm. The main challenge of this project is to fully understand and then simplify the complexity of the natural example, and to imitate the mechanisms with simpler methods and a smaller number of actuators.

First supervisor

Prof. Dr. Peter Woias