Christian Oliver Diestel

Christian Oliver Diestel

Doctoral Researcher

Research Area A

Cluster of Excellence livMatS @ FIT – Freiburg Center for Interactive Materials and Bioinspired Technologies

Phone: +49 761 203 95118


Project: Development of Inorganic Monolithic Devices for Photovoltaic Energy Conversion and Storage

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Glunz

The goal of my thesis is the development and characterisation of inorganic monolithic devices for photovoltaic energy conversion and storage with a special focus on perovskite-based inorganic photovoltaic cells. Together with my colleagues Dr. Taisiia Berestok and Jan Büttner and in collaboration with the team of Dr. Jan Christoph Goldschmidt at Fraunhofer ISE, I am working on integrating these cells with batteries and supercapacitors to create monolithic SolStore devices in a three-electrode configuration. These convert light into electrical energy, which they can store in situ and release at a later stage to power small electrical consumers.