Dr. Stefan Schiller

Dr. Stefan Schiller

Responsible Investigator

Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology
Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy (FB 14)
Goethe University Frankfurt/Main

Phone: +49 69 798 29692
Email: |

Areas of Expertise

Biobased & Bioinspired Macromolecules | Protein-Based Ultra-3D-structured Mechanical Metamaterials | High Performance Biomaterials | Topological Phase-Morphing Materials | Adaptive & Energy Dissipating Protein-Material-Machines Adopting Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium states | Nanostructured functional biohybrid materials with novel physical properties | Synthetic access to (bio)macromolecules via classic organic synthesis & biotechnology | Modular Cells, Expansion of the Genetic Code via Xenobiotic Elements | Biomedical Materials & Applications

Projects within livMatS

Postdoc Project (first supervisor)

Dr. Matthias C. Huber

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