Full Professorship (W 3)

The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy of the University of Freiburg invites applications for a Full Professorship (W 3) for “Active Soft Matter” at the Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry.

Description and apply

Application deadline is 05 April 2021.

PhD positions

PhD Position: Mechanical Metamaterials that can adapt and learn

Application deadline has passed.

Unsolicited Applications

We are always looking for highly motivated researchers who would like to raise their own project within livMatS. The following organizations provide information on funding opportunities:
German Research Foundation (DFG), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) or the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Theses and Research Internships

Bachelor or Master students who would like to write their thesis or do an internship within livMatS are welcome to contact the Principal Investigator responsible for the project/topic of interest.