Teaching and Training

livMatS offers a wide array of elective teaching and training units to strengthen the doctoral researchers’ specialized knowledge and skills, and offers additional programs for advanced students.

Writer's Studio

The Writer’s Studio is designed to help elevate the science communication skills of our livMats researchers. It combines workshops and writing groups with services such as proofreading and one-on-one consultation.


Boot camp

The livMatS boot camp brings together the cluster’s early career researchers to work on an array of soft skills and interdisciplinary science topics


Core lectures

These regular lectures - designed for early career researchers and Master Lab students - aim to enhance basic understanding across disciplines of key concepts in the cluster's research vision.



The livMatS MasterLab is an interdisciplinary, research-oriented extra-curricular program for Master students of the University of Freiburg. Within the program, students work on a research challenge autonomously under scientific guidance, attend soft skills training, and present their progress at an end-of-term colloquium



The IDEASfactory describes the concept of an ideal infrastructure for interdisciplinary scientific exchange at the Freiburg Center for Interactive Materials and Bioinspired Technologies (FIT) building.



livMatS regularly invites experts from outside and inside the cluster to present and discuss their research during the livMatS Colloquium and Special Colloquium.

Go to our events calendar to see the topics of the upcoming talks.