livMatS will design and build technological demonstrators to integrate Research Areas A - D and focus their efforts. The demonstrators represent attractive research challenges and serve as lighthouses guiding research in the cluster. They will showcase the feasibility of the technologies developed in livMatS, be the first steps towards their later implementation in collaboration with suitable industrial partners, and highlight their wide application range.

We will build demonstrators along three different lines: two proof-of-concept demonstrators (Artificial Venus Flytrap and Soft Autonomous Machines), and one set of demonstrators oriented towards practical applications (Shape-Adaptive Objects).

Due to its integrative nature, demonstrator development has high strategic priority in livMatS. For day-to-day coordination we will hire a coordinator at the postdoctoral level. Four doctoral researchers will be working on the design and realization of the demonstrators. They will connect to research in Research Areas A - D and benefit from the experience of the Fraunhofer partners in applied research.