Zulip Team Chat

The livMatS Zulip instance will be decommissioned on 31 August 2024.

The University of Freiburg has launched a central Matrix messenger service at https://matrix.uni-freiburg.de. Please stop using Zulip and move to Matrix.

No Zulip exchange will be archived or backed up beyond that date. You will not be able to access your Zulip conversations anymore after that date.

Access: https://zulip.vm.uni-freiburg.de

livMatS offers this instance of Zulip as an option for distributed communication among affiliates.

Anyone who is affiliated with the university must log in via their Uni-Account credentials (alphanumeric user ID, e.g. ab1234). That automatically ties the official university email and the full name to the account (e.g. Johannes Hörmann - johannes.hoermann@imtek.uni-freiburg.de) and makes user management very easy to. We avoid creation of custom accounts where possible.

Zulip usage policy

In the following “group” may refer to

  • Actual research groups
  • Role groups, e.g. “livMatS PhD students”, “livMatS area C members”, …

As the livMatS community, we adhere to the following usage principles.

We don't create public streams. Fresh logins will not see anything. 

Each group may create as many private streams as they like at whatever granularity they like.

Each group has at least one user, maybe two or three, not more, who are member of the core team stream. That means they are able to get bot notifications about anyone who logs in for the first time. They are responsible for assigning new logins from their group to the respective channels in a timely fashion. 

We may remove anyone who is not assigned to any stream from the platform.

We do not upload files larger than 30MB.

We use categorical prefixes when naming streams wherever applicable, e.g.

  • BSc: Johannes Hörmann
  • MSc: Gregg Dubow
  • Doc: Mia Musterfrau
  • Code: Topobank
  • Conference: livMatS retreat 2023
  • Infrastructure: livMatS VMs
  • Project:
  • Teaching: Micromechanics
  • Workshop: RDM