Ershuai Jiang

Ershuai Jiang

Doctoral Researcher

Research Area A and Demonstrators

Cluster of Excellence livMatS @ FIT – Freiburg Center for Interactive Materials and Bioinspired Technologies

Phone: +49 761 203 4797


Development, characterisation and integration of flexible solar modules as energy supply unit in a livMatS demonstrator
Within this project, I will develop tailored flexible organic solar modules that will be an integral part of livMatS demonstrators. This requires the modules to meet several prerequisites: Their size and shape need to be adapted to the demonstrators’ specific layout. Their energy harvesting functionality has to be robust, i.e. the modules should also deliver electrical power under low intensity indoor light. And the modules should exhibit a partial visual transparency, which can be realized using organic absorber materials. To ensure longevity and resilience, compartmentalization will be explored as a strategy, so that in case of failure not the entire module but just a compartment will fail. During the first part of the project, I will adapt existing technologies for flexible solar module fabrication to the needs of the livMatS demonstrators and improve their functionality (transparency, low illumination performance, resilience). In the second part of the project, I will approach the integration of flexible solar-charging supercapacitors, based on the monolithical combination of solar modules with, for example, flexible carbon-based supercapacitors. This should add an energy storage functionality to the solar modules.

First supervisor

Dr. Uli Würfel

Publications in livMatS